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Bonjour !

Caroline B. Roys

Check out my resume !

I am a French Graphic Designer based in the USA.

After graduating highschool in 2006, I worked for a decoration company for three years.
In 2009, I earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts, with a speciality in Graphic Design.

In 2011, I started working Freelance Graphic Designer, and I created an art space to promote young artists and to organize cultural events (Artigone, Lyon FR). During this time, I was also teaching Art History and Crafts in public and private schools (Lyon, FR).

In 2016, I became Lead Graphic Designer for a sport event company (Golazo Sports, Lyon FR). I was in charge of Print Design, Sports Apparel and Social Media Communication.

​I moved to the USA in October 2018 and I'm now a permanent resident.
I love to create with my hands or computer, finding inspiration in nature and art.
I enjoy hiking, meditation and sewing.